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Man has 15 cans of beer pumped into his stomach to stop him from dying

Image source: AsiaWire


Medical personnel were forced to pump five litres of beer into a man’s stomach to stop him from dying of alcohol poisoning. 48-yr-old Nguyen Van Nhat, had the equivalent of 15 cans of beer pumped into his body at at General Hospital in Vietnam to save his life.

Dr. Le Van Lam, head of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, said that the level of methanol in Nhat’s blood was 1,119 times higher than the appropriate limit.

In what can only be described as an unbelievable story, doctors were forced to use the bizarre method to save the man’s life by slowing down his liver’s processing of methanol. According to Dr. Lam, one can of beer was given to Nhat every hour and after 15 cans were administered the patient was completely conscious.

The doctor went on to describe how a person’s stomach and intestines release alcohol into the bloodstream even if the person is unconscious or has stopped drinking. It’s understood that the patient had severe alcohol poisoning and the expert medics had only one option to counteract the severity of his condition. The man became unconscious when the methanol in his system oxidised to formaldehyde which in turn produced formic acid, according to reports. To prevent oxidising formaldehyde to formic acid, giving beer to the methanol-poisoned patient gave medics enough time to perform dialysis which eventually saved his life and he will recover.

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