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Many people angered as Pro-Israeli rally held outside the Dail

Several hundred people took part in a rally in front of Leinster House in defence of Israel, reports RTE.

This includes members of the Israeli and Jewish communities in Ireland.

Israel’s Jackie Goodall at the Ireland Alliance told the gathering that the spirit of the 1930s existed in Ireland and elsewhere.

She said Iran’s call to boycott Israel was reminiscent of calls to boycott Jews in Germany in the 1930s, reports RTE.

She called on the Irish government to provide unequivocal support to Israel.

Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter addressed the rally and said Irish politicians must stop giving speeches to Israel and supporting its defence.

He said the Prime Minister and the Tanaiste should immediately call for the release of all hostages in Gaza.

Other rally participants spoke of their fear for their family and friends in Israel.

The crowd later marched to the Israeli embassy, where a Christian and Jewish service was held praying for victory for Israel, peace and the innocent civilian population of Gaza, reports RTE.

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