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Martin sounds the alarm about China saying we should be “clear-eyed about China’s objectives”

The Tánaiste will stress the need for all government and private sector stakeholders to be realistic and clear about China’s strategic goals and their implications for Ireland and the EU, reports RTE.

In a keynote speech at the Royal Irish Academy’s International Affairs Conference, Micheál Martin will concede that China’s and Ireland’s differing worldviews, values and interests will inevitably affect how we deal with each other.

The Tánaiste will note that Ireland values its bilateral relationship with China and wants to work constructively with them to address climate change, promote sustainable development, ensure human rights protections and a trading system, and build a fair and open global investment.

But he will stress that Ireland will not be naïve or silent when it sees evidence that fundamental principles are being undermined.

In light of recent interventions, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s call for “de-risking but not de-coupling”, Tánaiste will explain that for Ireland, risk reduction means economic resilience and systematic development in order to protect Irish values and protect interests, reports RTE.

He will encourage the private sector, academics and other stakeholders to associate with China when it makes sense, but also raise awareness of the extent of its vulnerability and mitigate risk where appropriate.

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