Mary Lou McDonald: 'Next Wednesday's marches could be a knock-out blow for water charges'

Mary Lou McDonald: ‘Next Wednesday’s marches could be a knock-out blow for water charges’


The heat is very much on the Government. One failed policy after another, and one tax too far have slowly but surely chipped away whatever little credibility the Coalition had left in them.

The people have spoken loud and clear up and down the country, but the Government still play deaf, only making token concessions.

As the country gears up for what is hoped to be the biggest march against water charges to date, Sinn Fein’s Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald has today gone as far as saying that the protest scheduled for next Wednesday could be a ‘knock-out blow’ for water charges.

Anti Austerity Alliance TD Ruth Coppinger added that a big turnout could hit the “appalling and arrogant” government.

The protest marches are scheduled for Wednesday, December 10.

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