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Mary McAlease is demanding people vote Yes in next week’s ref

Ireland is extremely fortunate to have a written constitution, according to former president Dr. Mary McAleese, who defined it as a comprehensive, formally agreed-upon code between the State and its people, reports RTE.

In reference to the family and care referendums, Dr. McAleese declared that she will be advocating for a yes vote.

She described Irish people as “a very complex bunch” and stated they were not all the same.

She went on, “The upcoming referendums were not a destination,” reports RTE.

According to Dr. McAleese, several individuals who were adamantly in support of same-sex marriage voiced worry that it would not be possible when civil partnerships were implemented. She responded that this had not been the case.

Speaking about the accounts she heard from various organisations and people who represented single parents, cohabiting couples, and carers during an event titled “We are Family,” she said: “They succeed in being family to each other, but they’re not based on marriage. They are now going to see in our revised constitution, the respect they have always deserved, the recognition they have always deserved,” reports RTE.

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