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May hopeful: British Government to discuss Brexit text agreement later today

Image source: Sky News

There will be crucial talks in the British Commons later today as a potential Brexit deal will go before the Cabinet for Ministers to discuss.

The meeting of British Ministers will likely give a clearer indication as if there will be an overall agreement on whether or not the UK can officially leave the EU.

It is expected that Theresa May will have a battle on her hands as she will look to convince Brexiteers that the latest 500 page plus text agreement with the EU is the best possible path for Britain’s smooth transition out of the union.

The meeting which is scheduled to take at 2pm this afternoon comes after the British Government and EU members in Brussels agreed agreed a deal in principle that will see the UK enter a special customs arrangement with the EU.

The agreement which will allow special provisions for Northern Ireland in terms of a reported backstop agreement, has however yet to be formally agreed as the British Government claim there is a few issues to be ironed out.

Although the deal is only seen as temporary measure in the overall negotiations, both the British PM and Brussels hope that it will help provide a catalyst to an overall agreement which is expected to be completed by next March.

According to RTE News, an initial agreement in terms of the Irish border has been agreed by both parties. But the deal could ultimately be rejected by Brexiteers and the DUP who are said to be unhappy with the text of the agreement.

The DUP reportedly remain adamant that any deal that would see Northern Ireland cut off from the rest of the UK would be ultimately rejected as the deal would disregard the constitution of the United Kingdom.

However reports in the UK have suggested that Ms May is hopeful that a deal can be reached as the agreement allows for a backstop that would include a UK wide customs agreement.

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