McDonald: Taoiseach's response to meeting over Tanaiste is arrogant

McDonald: Taoiseach’s response to meeting over Tanaiste is arrogant

The Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has said the Taoiseach’s response to reject a meeting over the Tanaiste’s leaking of a confidential GP contract is arrogant.

Speaking outside the Dail, McDonald criticised the Taoiseach Micheal Martin saying his response to her request was high handed and arrogant.

McDonald also said that the Taoiseach thinks its alright for the Tanaiste Leto Varadkar leak confidential information to a friend and described the Tanaiste’s actions as the worst excesses of the old boy’s club.

The Sinn Fein leader’s comments come after the Taoiseach said that he has no intention in meeting his counterpart over the issue.

Martin said that McDonald’s request was political and tactical, he also said that he has confidence in the Tanaiste.

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