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“Monster” dog owner abandons nine newborn husky pups in cable tied bag in woods


A bag containing nine newborn husky pups that were less than 24 hours old was found in Garryhinch Woods, Co. Laois on Sunday.

The black bin bag was cable-tied shut when it was discovered by a couple out walking their dog. The couple’s dog sniffed around the bag and attracted its owners attention before they rushed the puppies to safety.

The puppies were taken into the care of Cara Rescue Dogs and Laois SPCA, but one has died since their rescue. Non-profit organisation Cara Rescue Dogs thanked the couple for saving the puppies’ lives and said their dog “deserves a medal”. They have also thanked local businesses who have donated food to the young dogs.

“Thank you Robert and Laura for quickly getting them out of the cold and saving their lives,” they wrote on their Facebook page.



“Your dog deserves a medal.

“Robert contacted us at Cara and within one hour had them in our care being syringe fed.”

Laois SPCA volunteered to take four of the husky puppies into their care. Five of them remained in the foster care of the Cara Rescue Dog volunteer team. Despite the rescue of the puppies, fears are now growing for the welfare of their mother. 12274203_957201867651110_8457061927784536368_n


“The pups were less than 24 hours old. She will surely be pining for them as much as they are for her.” Cara Rescue team members commented.

The rescue group have branded the act “barbaric and disgusting” and have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

“This kind of abandonment is barbaric and disgusting. There is NO reasonable explanation for this.

“If anyone has any information please contact us.”

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