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Mother of 6-yr-old child who shot teacher in America gets charged

The mother of a six-year-old U.S. elementary school student who shot and seriously injured his teacher in January has been charged with child neglect, a prosecutor in the eastern state of Virginia said.

In addition to the criminal charge, Deja Taylor was also charged by the grand jury with “misdemeanour recklessly leaving a loaded firearm so as to endanger a child,” according to a statement by the city of Newport News prosecutor’s office, reports RTE.

Ms Taylor’s solicitor, James Allenson, said her client “will be turning herself in later this week”, reports RTE.

The city’s chief prosecutor, Howard Gwynn, said his investigation into the widely publicized shooting was ongoing and would require a group of “special grand jury” — a group of citizens with broad investigative powers — to look into the school’s safety.

“If the Special Grand Jury determines that additional persons are criminally responsible under the law, it can return additional indictments,” said Mr Gwyn, reports RTE.

According to police, on Jan 6, a first grader pulled a 9mm Taurus pistol legally purchased by his mother (placed in his backpack)shot his teacher, Abigail Zwerner, at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News.

The 25-year-old woman was hospitalized for two weeks with injuries to her arms and chest, reports RTE.

The boy’s family said in a statement shortly after the shooting that he “suffers from an acute disability,” and that the gun had been “secured” at home.

Earlier this month, Ms. Zwerner filed a civil lawsuit against school officials, whom she accused of failing to address the boy’s violent behavior and failing to respond to warnings from another student that he might be carrying a gun at school.

She is seeking $40 million (€37 million) in damages, reports RTE.

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