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Mother of UK’s youngest trans-person (3 years of age) defends decision to transition son to a girl

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The mother of the UK’s youngest transgender person has defended her decision to” transition” her son to a girl at the age of three.

Jeneen Schofield said her son asked “to be a girl” as a present for everyone of his birthdays and at every Christmas from the age of three and his mother indulged him in his confusion and delusions by saying that he would become a girl with the help of “mermaids” rather than seeking therapy.

Ms Schofield’s son now called “Luna” wears a skirt to school and on his passport is identified as female, making the youngest officially recognised transgender person in the UK.

When her son started to wear dresses and play with dolls Ms Schofield approached teachers at his school who agreed with her wishes to “transition” her son.

Critics, however, have said that children go through numerous phases as children and making such a life changing decision at the age of three is unethical and dangerous.

Some months ago, experts are sounding the alarm as the number of children in the UK expressing gender dysphoria skyrockets as popular culture continues to promote the of myths trans-gender ideology.

A coalition of medical experts, whistle-blowers and academics are set to release a book of essays highlighting the danger of pushing transgenderism on children in education and entertainment.

This new book comes in the wake of the revelations brought into the public eye by a whistle-blower at the UK’s only gender clinic for children who was reported in the Daily Mail as saying

“I’m really angry at what’s happening to these children. What I’ve witnessed feels incredibly distressing and disturbing and like something that should be stopped.”

Indeed, many doctors and psychologists have expressed their fears about speaking out about what is essentially child abuse as they could be branded transphobic, lose their careers or even be struck off the register if they do not tow the line of the gender ideologues.

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