Must Read: Autism rights campaigner tells story of how thousands of autistic children and adults are abused whilst they are subjected to a bleach laced ‘treatment’ called Miracle Mineral Supplement – – Our News, Your Views

Must Read: Autism rights campaigner tells story of how thousands of autistic children and adults are abused whilst they are subjected to a bleach laced ‘treatment’ called Miracle Mineral Supplement

During this past week, The Liberal reported a story that related to police a investigation in the UK. In the horrifying story we learned that a mother of three is currently under investigation after she was reported to police by a concerned member of the public who discovered via social media that the accused woman used an enema laced with bleach to ‘cure’ her son’s autism.

The shocking story, which has since been reported in the media around the world, came to light after autistic rights campaigner Emma Dalmayne discovered the woman’s treatment methods after she came across her post on Facebook group page that is dedicated to parents who use the supposed alternative treatment (which is essentially bleach) called CD (Chloride Dioxide) or MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution) on their autistic children.

In a follow up to this story, Emma contacted us to highlight the seriousness and the dangers of this so called alternative treatment which is being used by misinformed parents around the world. The devoted campaigner and mother gave us a detailed account as to why she is actively campaigning to see this drug and treatment banned by health authorities not only in the UK and Ireland but by other countries throughout the world.

Emma from South East London who was diagnosed with aspergers four years ago, spoke to us about how this hazardous treatment which is available to purchase online is being used by parents of autistic children across the globe.

The devoted mum who also revealed that her youngest son was diagnosed with autism over five years ago, has become a respected campaigner for children and adults who have been the victims of autistic mistreatment.

Emma, who has written two books one of which is entitled It’s an Autism Thing – I’ll help you understand which educates people and parents about the neurological difference, told us of how she became one of the founding members an autistic rights group called AIM (Autistic Inclusive Meets) which runs weekly group sessions for autistic adults and parents of autistic children.

She has also opened a Facebook support group and a website called Autisticate Dalmayne four years ago that actively gives support to parents and autistic adults who have been mistreated.

Emma revealed that she decided to create the Facebook page after she became aware of what both autistic children and adults were subjected to by adults and peers who used the unsafe treatment in the hope of curing them.

After setting up the page and Emma discovered that a large number of children and adults were subjected to the treatment called Miracle Miineral Solution which is laced with Chlorine dioxide bleach.

Although the alternative treatment has recently been banned in Ireland due to the efforts of Emma’s fellow campaigner and best friend Fiona O’Leary who runs Autistic Rights, Emma has said she is deeply concerned about the number of people being unlawfully forced to undertake the treatment in the UK and around the world.

Misinformed parents believe that autism is caused by a parasite infestation or heavy metal poisoning and they seek to use this so called treatment as it claims to work by flushing out parasites or bacteria from a persons system which then ultimately cures them, however this is clearly not the case as it can cause serious bowel problems with victims more often than not experiencing tearing to their bowel lining, Emma said.

Other side effects include: “Nose bleeds, Seizures ,Vomitting, Diarrhoea, Headaches, Aches and pains, Sores and rashes, Cramps Jaundice Liver and even kidney failure

Emma also states the ramifications psychologically on an autistic child undergoing this harmful treatment seriously needs to be considered.

“It is sexual abuse as a child is not capable of consenting to be penetrated with a bleach enema and in many cases the child is restrained by up to 3 adults in order to give it.”

“Autistic adults are also being held down and having this done to them.” she added.

Although the avid campaigner admitted that parents do come to her for help, she said she is still shocked at how many parents are willing to use this alternative treatment on their children against their will as it is basically child abuse.

Emma explained: “Parents who are use this treatment are child abusers.”

“There is no room for pity with them as they watch their children get sicker and sicker and do nothing to help them as they believe it’s a parasite die off effect.”

When asked about what advice would she give to parents who are consider using this alternative treatment option, Emma said: “I would advise any parent offered this product to contact the MHRA (UK) or the HRA (Ireland) and tell them where it’s for sale.”

“It’s extremely dangerous and should not be used as a treatment as it cures nothing.”

“You cannot cure autism as it’s not a sickness disease or injury it’s a neurological difference.”

In relation to her and Fiona O’Leary’s campaign to get the treatment banned in Ireland, Emma revealed to us that she has had a number of meetings with her good friend who is also fighting hard to stop parents and people from purchasing and using the treatment on innocent victims here.

Emma admitted that Fiona’s efforts have been already proven to be successful as she has already taken a man named Merlihan to court after he attempted to sell the treatment to her as cure for autism.

Thankfully the courts system ruled it as an unauthorised medicine and it should not be sold to anyone.

However she did say Fiona is still working hard as she has reported a number parents in Ireland who are known to use the alternative treatment on their children to the Gardai.

Emma added that Fiona is her main allie in this campaign and they have a great working relationship.

She also said that both campaigners believe that the ‘majority of charities do not wish to get their hands dirty’ when it comes to highlighting the issue and they have regularly ignored their pleas to make the public more aware of the dangers this alternative treatment method possess.

They both say many charities are corrupt and they have uncovered that some even offer funding to parents for CD and MMS.

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