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MUST READ: Enough is enough, the time to close the borders is now

7-yr-old angel Julian Cadman murdered by ISIS.

How many more children like little angel 7-yr-old Julian Cadman need to be horrifically murdered in broad daylight by Islamic terrorists before Europe finally gets its act together and closes the borders to ALL Islamic migrants.

The time for the political correct talk of “oh but they’re not all the same” is over.

What we’re looking at when we take in migrants from Islamic countries who have absolutely no understanding of Christian European norms is one thing and one thing only – Russian Roulette with our lives and life as we know it.

If, for example, Ireland takes in 1000 migrants from Syria and just 2% are so-called “extremists”, that would mean 20 Islamic terrorists would be roaming Irish streets and planning on murdering innocent Irish men, women and children.

Make no mistake, these people detest us, they detest our way of life, our freedom, our lifestyle choices, our religion, our faith in Christianity and our fellow man.

We have to accept the mistakes politicians right across Europe have made in the first place by accepting any migrants into Europe at all. But we are where we are, now we need to put a stopper in the hole.

Home-grown terrorists are one thing, they can be somewhat monitored using surveillance, but we can’t afford to add to the threat that’s already there.

These migrants coming in from the Middle East and Africa need to have a full clampdown enforced now before it’s too late. They are a pure cancer in society who’ll only out-breed us and grow their numbers to an extent where we’re firmly thrown on the back foot with a major crisis on our hands in our own countries.

Racism and prejudice are now fickle words when we have evil Islamic terrorist animals jumping into a vehicle, putting their foot to the floor, mounting a pavement and weaving through as many pedestrians as possible to kill our way of life.

Enough is enough, the time to close the borders is now.


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