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New twist to the ‘who killed Lucy Beale’ saga

Who-killed-Lucy-Beale-final-suspects-320x190We’re all fed up and tired of waiting to find out ‘Who killed Lucy Beale’ but in a shocking announcement today Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning told reporters, the cast don’t know themselves who killed Lucy in fact the killer doesn’t even know yet and won’t know until they are about to go live “I don’t think we’ll find out until the night. I guess whoever did it will find out an hour or half an hour before, so I have no idea.”


Hetti Bywater who played the trouble teen has dropped another bombshell hinting that she may not have been murdered, and may have died due to suicide.

“Part of me thinks it would give the public a shock if it turned out that Lucy committed suicide,” She told radio times before saying she hopes it’s twin brother Peter Beale. “He’d been planning it for months so it was totally premeditated. It was a really dark side of Peter that we hadn’t seen before.”

With the big reveal being announced on February 19th as part of the soaps 30th anniversary we can’t help but keep guessing who done it..who killed Lucy?

My money’s on Denise or Abby Branning.

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