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News update: 20th February

Gsoc- A retired High court Judge has been appointed to the Gsoc case. Judge John Cooke is to conduct the inquiry. Alan Shatter however has expressed doubt in relation to the basis that the inquiry has been launched. It has been estimated that the inquiry will take eight weeks. 

 Petrol Bomb in waterford- Sinn Féin Councillor John Hearne of waterford has stated that he will be not be intimidated following a car bomb attack on his car last night. 

 Weekend Crime- Three murders took place over the weekend. While suspects have charged in relation to the death of a woman in Tallaght and a Man in Co.Laois. The death of an Edenderry man which was previously treated as suspicious, was upgraded yesterday to a murder investigation. 

 Maple ‘ten’- As the case proceeds in the central criminal court, former Anglo Irish chairman Sean Fitzpatrick spoke today of how he regretted not becoming more personally involved with the loan transaction. 

Shopping center shooting- Three men have been arrested in relation to the fatal shooting of a man in a Dublin shopping centre last summer. 

RTE threats- A man has been detained by Gardai for questioning after a series of threats were made towards RTE six one news presenter Sharon Ni Bheoláin via both email and postal services. 

Pussy Riot- A video has been released today of Pussy Riot band members being beaten by Cossacks in Socchi, Russia as they patrol the winter olympics. 

Sink hole- A series of suspicious sink holes have emerged in Ireland and the UK in the past week. Including a sixteen meter circumference sink hole in Kilkenny last weekend. While it has been suggested that a substantial amount of rain in the last few weeks may have led to the creation of these sink hole, an exact cause has not yet been identified. 

Kiev Riots- 26 people have been killed following riots in the capital of the Ukraine. Riots have ravaged the Eastern european city since early December, 2013. 

Dublin 34th best city in the world- Dublin has been listed as the 34th best city in the world to live in by Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking. The list consisted of 223 cities. 

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