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Trending on the web: 20th February

# Selfies: The Selfie game has truly gone too far, pouting like a duck in the mirror may not have been condescending enough as new selfie trends have emerged that involve taking selfies at funerals and also taking selfies with homeless people in the background. Trends like these may beg the question as to whether the internet could be monitored a bit better. 

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 #RAKnominations-  After all the negative publicity that surrounded the necknominations, people have decided to counteract the effects by performing random act of kindness nominations. Some RAKnominations have included charity donations, anonymous letters and even making thoughtful gifts and making quilts. 

 #Nicknominations Or if you want to be completely random, you can engage in nicknominations with the sole goal of brightening up facebook through the legend of Nicolas cage. The nominations involve chain statuses where must repost an image of Nick Cage expressing the emotion that you have been assigned. 

 “The idea is to occupy facebook with pictures of Nicolas Cage, to break the monotony of posts that aren’t Nicolas Cage. Like this post and you will be given a mood and have post a picture of Nicolas cage in that mood. I was given “_____”.”

 #mexican drug raid- Pictures of a mexican drug lords home have been leaked and gone viral on the web. Images of a hot tube grotto, a rare zoo and $200m worth of money have been circulating and have made the life of a drug dealer look far too appealing.

 #IRS letter After a mix up in the IRS, the american taxing company sent a series of letters to a five year in relation to his tax returns to which his mother responded. While the IRS stated that his mother was not authorised to message them on his behalf. The parents took action by allowing the 5 year old to write to the taxing company himself. 

 #Giroud on twitter-  After details of an affair between the Arsenal player and a glamour model emerged earlier this week, the football took to twitter to apologize to his wife, family and fans. 

 #Charity Matt damon and ben Affleck have been casually insulting each other for the charities East Congo Initiative and Damon has even gone as far as photocopying his butt and posting it to Jimmy Kimmel and Affleck. 

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 #Winter olympics2014- The 2014 winter olympics are in full swing in Socchi in Russia since the 7th february. Here are the most infamous occurrences from the games so far. 

 #NBC-  Reporter pushes olympic skier too far? After Bode miller won his sixth olympic medal, people have suggested that an NBC reporter took things too far when they questioned the athlete about the death of his brother in an interview, causing him to break down on air. 

 #Coolrunnings On a lighter note however, The jamaican bob sledding team have found themselves in the limelight after they created this team song.

 #Valentines- As you will all know, it was valentines earlier this week and news feeds were clogged with an array of both forever alone memes and soppy pictures of flowers. Here are two different valentines posts that were worth a mention. 

 #snoop dog decided to give reditors a valentines gift by reading out some of his favorite (not so romantic) love stories

 #Proposal prank- Viral youtube duo Jesse and Jeanna and famous for their pranking abilities and this valentines was no different. This time they teamed up to shock by-standers with the ultimate proposal prank

 #gameofthrones- Game of thrones fans are also in for a treat, here is a sneak peak at the advertisement for the new series. 

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