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Nikita for the people: Dublin Hun promises spicebags for everyone

Last night, ilustrator Aoife Dooley’s character, Dublin Hun (a.k.a. Nikita) published what would be her election promises on social media, gaining lots of attention for her funny¬†offers.

Dublin Hun

Hun’s proposals, which include making the bus one “eurdo” again and spicebags for everyone in the audience if she’s invited to The Late Late, might seem a bit out there, but the character, inspired by fiery Dublin girls with a love of “hun buns” and a witty comeback ready at all times, has a couple of good points…

This was her “campaign-launching” post on Facebook:

“Vote No.1 Stun Hun, Nikita for the people!
– Bring Welfare Wednesdays (yup yup 7up!)
– All homeless people to be housed, bleedin’ country is a joke! stop
– If i’m on The Late Late, a spicebag (1 for everyone in the
– The bus will be only a eurdo again, poxy rip off now swear
– Moore st will stay the same righ
– Landlords uppin your prices? ask me hoop because it will be
illegal yiz robbin pox’s, who do yiz think yiz are?
– eh and loads of other stuff to fix this poxy kip of a country!
Yeah vote No.1 yeah sound!”

If you wanna know more about this affectionate parody, she has an Instagram account, Dublin_Hun, where she Dooley publishes Hun’s views of Dublin’s future, her tastes and funny thoughts.

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