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No anti-water charge float allowed in Limerick parade

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Dark forces seem to have worked in behind the scenes to prevent the intervention of a potentially controversial float in the Limerick St. Patrick’s Day parade.’

The ‘We won’t pay ‘ campaign had received earlier confirmation that their float was entry 41 into the parade. Preparations for the float had been ongoing for over a month. A spokesperson for the group also said that they had even received a pass for the festivities.

However, they said an email from the organisers was sent to the group early today stating that the float would not be allowed to take part in the parade as it “does not have any place for political agendas”.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, Councillor Michael Sheahan -a member of Fine Gael- said that ‘it’s unfair for a protest group to take part in the St Patrick’s Day parade as the day is for celebration and being positive.’

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