'No giveaways in October's budget,' according to the Taoiseach

‘No giveaways in October’s budget,’ according to the Taoiseach

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Speaking from Washington today, Enda Kenny has confirmed that the upcoming budget will not be a ‘giveaway’ one.

He insisted that the Government needs to be ‘prudent’ and build up cash reserves to avoid any potential future crash.

Mr. Kenny will reportedly be meeting with business leaders tomorrow to try and obtain more foreign investment for Ireland.

In a statement, he said “Let me be clear – the budget in October is not going to be one where there is a whole bunch of giveaways. We don’t have the capacity to do that,”

“It will be slow and measured in terms of the progress we’ve made, with a very clear understanding that we are not going back to the days [of] boom and bust politics.”

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