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Number of Marriages each year is declining


According to a recent review by national figures it has been revealed that the number of marriages per year has been declining.

According to statistics the number of marriages that were registered in 2013 was 20,670, which amounts to a decrease of 2,120, or 9%, compared to 2007.

Although the decline of marriages, in 2013 may have been attributed  to the current economic recession and some peoples superstitious believes, with most people believing that getting married in the year 2013 would have brought them bad luck.

It has also been revealed that Non Religious marriages now account for 29% of all marriages, up 23% from 2007. Secular marriages, introduced in 2013, now account for 1% of the total number of marriages.

The figures are contained in the annual report of the National Register which was brought to Cabinet today.

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