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O’Neill ignores pleas to not go to St Patrick’s US party and will head over with McDonald

First Minister of Stormont Michelle O’Neill has stated that political leaders in Northern Ireland need to “step outside of our traditional comfort zones” and that she wishes to attend events that are significant to the unionist community, reports Breaking News.

Ms O’Neill expressed her satisfaction at being there at a function this week with Deputy First Minister Emma Little-Pengelly on Belfast’s The Shankill Road.

With the restoration of Stormont powersharing institutions over two weeks ago, the Sinn Féin member became the first nationalist First Minister of Northern Ireland.

In an interview with RTÉ’s The Late, Late Show, Ms. O’Neill said that she and Ms. Little-Pengelly of the DUP were getting along well and that their first two weeks together had gone well.

She said: “We’re both tasked with leadership, given that responsibility to lead and we’re determined to do that together. We want to work together, we have come from two very different political backgrounds, two different lived experiences, two different outlooks for where we think we should be in the future, in particular in relation to constitutional change. But that’s alright, isn’t it” reports Breaking News.

“It’s fine to have that different viewpoint but also working towards day-to-day things like public services, health, education, childcare – and this week was a great opportunity for us because we both prioritised childcare. We went into a childcare setting in north Belfast, and we also went into a childcare setting on the Shankill Road,” she added, reports Breaking News.

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