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Opinion: Connolly, Pearse and Clarke didn’t fight in the Easter Rising for abortion on demand up to 3 months

Many in the pro-abortion camp believe it natural for pro-life individuals to reflect this Easter over the abortion issue and the ensuing campaign. Many would believe that this time of year is best for reflection due to the Catholic religion held by many pro-life individuals. And while a great many pro-life people are Catholics, I reflect on Easter because of a very important event in our history – the Easter Rising of 1916.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of marking the centenary of the Easter Rising by viewing parades and I was caught up in the great wave of patriotic feeling that swept the country. However, two years after this we are debating the fundemental issue of the right to life of the unborn child.

It’s important to remember that the Proclamation of 1916 guarantees the promise of “cherishing all children of the nation equally”. Well those today who claim to support the legacy and even embody the lineage of those brave men and women of 1916 yet support abortion in 2018 are diminishing their heroic sacrifice and blaspheming the cause of Ireland.

Those men and women fought for Irish freedom for the next generations. In fact after the military defeat, Pearse said that if their sacrifice was insufficient to win freedom, that another generation would make a greater sacrifice to secure freedom. Our next generation today are in grave danger, and it isn’t due to British tyranny. It is due to the unrestricted abortion agenda being imposed on us by our own Irish government.

Abortion is not a nationalist position. How can a nation survive when it aborts its unborn generations? This Easter we should remember the great deeds of 1916, the sacrifices of men like Connolly, Pearse, MacDiarmada and Clarke. We should reflect on their works and resolve in this current struggle to oppose the abortion agenda. For abortion would be a betrayal of everything those heroes fought and died for.

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