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Opinion: Evil cowards who beat up elderly people should NEVER be released from prison

The horrific, traumatic and disturbing nightmare that 89-yr-old Eva Sutton went through in her home of more than 50 years on the 10th of September, 2015 is truly shocking.

It’s not just shocking from a journalistic/reporting point of view, it’s shocking to comprehend that such utter evil animals are walking our streets in the first place.

Two absolute cowardly evil thugs forced their way into this softly spoke, eloquent lady’s home that night at 4:40am. What ensued was a beating of frightening detail that lasted over an hour and a half.

Earlier this week, Eva spoke to RTE News about the event which she claims has forced her out of her home forever and that she can and will never return as a result.

Hopefully she’ll eventually get enjoyment out of life again but as it stands, she is imprisoned with those truly terrifying memories of that frightful night.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators will be livin’ it up in jail, playing pool, pumping iron, watching telly and arguing over who’s turn it is for the PlayStation, give me a break!

When will the punishment actually fit the crime? This woman is someone’s mother, granny, friend and neighbour. She lived a long life and from all accounts is a kind, thoughtful and utterly harmless woman.

Then she meets pure evil masquerading as common thieves in the night.

It’s time to put the foot down on such crimes, not as a deterrent but as a punishment that is top shelf for such an act. The argument for capital punishment is for another day, mistakes can happen, the wrong man can be sentenced to death for a crime he truly didn’t commit, but that to one side – why not a 100 year prison sentence?

Effectively you’re talking about life in prison. So, for the likes of murder, rape, badly beating up someone, extreme violence etc, give the perpetrator 100 years in prison to their age. They commit a crime at 30, they’re “free” at 130.

One thing is for sure, there needs to be a radical overhaul of the current judicial system because put quite simply; the punishments are not matching the crimes.

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