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Opinion: Middle-Class Ireland must oppose water charges, writes Daniel Crown


The introduction of the recent water charges has gotten the country talking, but that’s pretty much it. Besides the few protests in housing estates in North Dublin, there is a “not again, ah well what can you do” attitude in the middle-class.

This must change. Middle-Class Ireland, or “Middle Ireland”, makes up the majority of Ireland’s backbone – or lack of. Since the recession started, Middle Ireland has been brow beaten with taxes and cuts.

Of course working class people have been hit hard too, but the middle class are predominantly the people paying tax and keeping the system going. Moreover, the middle class are the people expected to take and take and take the cuts and taxes and keep ploughing on as per usual.

Unfortunately though, the fighting spirit in the middle class was bruised from the boom. They believed we were going through somewhat of a glitch, a road bump – 6 years on from the atrocious bank guarantee, Middle Ireland is significantly worse off.

Until the majority of people in Ireland – that being Middle Ireland – stand up to their local councilor, TD, and indeed to the government, water charges, household charges and any other charges the government impose will continually crop up and be pushed through.

Middle Ireland needs to wake up to the dictating, communist regime that Ireland is rapidly turning into.

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