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Opinion: We need stricter sentences for unprovoked attacks



In this day and age, an unprovoked attack warrants only a small column section on a mid page of a newspaper.

The attack could leave the victim battered, bruised, comatose or even dead.

The perpetrator however leaves with at best a slap on the wrist, and at worst a possible 2 year prison sentence with a suspension more than likely.
These acts of complete cowardice and terror need to have far stricter penalties attached. They need to say to this type of element that “no, you can’t just lose your temper and hit someone”, “no, you can’t just randomly take a smack at someone”.

We live in Ireland, the society we live in depends on the people who live in it and run it. We must stand up together and demand our TD’s put pressure on the Minister of Justice and the Taoiseach to enforce harder, longer and more appropriate sentences for these despicable acts.

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