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Out-of-touch: Flanagan slammed for declaring he doesn’t want migrants to be sleep rough and demanding Oughterard to back off

The Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has been absolutely slammed and condemned from a height on social media after he called on the people of Oughterard to take a step back following their legitimate concerns of the housing of an unknown number of undocumented migrants in the region.

People are saying that Flanagan is completely out of touch and hasn’t a clue about the real concerns the good, decent ordinary Irish person has in relation to undocumented migrants who are pouring into Ireland as a result of political correct nonsense being peddled.

Thankfully, the left wing weirdo trolls’ false racist rhetoric has finally worn thin and those freaks’ rubbish aren’t being tolerated for the majority of wonderful Irish people, thousands of whom are marching in Oughterard again today.

Flanagan appears to not give two damns about the 10,000 homeless Irish men, women and children who are sleeping rough every night on park benches, shop front doorways and hotel rooms around the country.

No, Flanagan appears to be far too concerned with migrants who no one knows anything about or knows where they come from, what their intention is or what their beliefs are.

The Justice Minister said that events in the region in recent days were a matter of real regret and urged residents to allow the process for selecting Direct Provision Centres to take place.

Although Flanagan said that no decision has been made whether or not a provision centre would be placed in the region, he reiterated that the Government is looking at a number of limited options to house at least 1,300 migrants currently living in emergency accommodation.

The Minister for Justice also said that Ireland must be mindful to holding up its obligations to help those fleeing persecution, even though the public were never consulted on the matter.

He added that there is a need to build more Direct Provision Centres and he doesn’t want migrants to be sleeping rough.

Minister Flanagan’s comments come after protests were held in Oughterard last weekend over concerns that a Direct Provision Centre will be built at the site of a former hotel in the region.

The good people of Galway have stated that there isn’t enough resources in the region to cater for a direct provision centre for an unknown number of undocumented migrants.

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