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Payment date confirmed for all parents to receive new €100 Child Benefit bonus

Parents in Ireland should receive their spring child benefit bonuses within a few weeks.

A €100 cash stimulus was announced in February as part of the government’s spring cost-of-living package, reports The Mirror.

In addition to a one-off bonus for the children, there will also be a general social assistance bonus of €200 and a back-to-school allowance of €260 to €385 by the end of the year.

Here’s everything you need to know:

€100 bonus date for family allowances-

It should fall on the June child benefits date, which is June 6th. However, due to the date being right after a public holiday, there’s a good chance it’s in the accounts earlier.

Usually, when Child Benefit falls on the Tuesday following a public holiday, parents see payments in their accounts on Friday or Saturday, so people can receive the bonus on June 2 or 3.

“For people receiving Child Benefit, an additional lump sum payment of €100 for each child will be paid in June with the regular Child Benefit payment,” the government said in a statement last month, reports The Mirror.

Date of payment of the share capital of €200

The date for the €200 welfare bonus was confirmed via RSVP Live last week and will arrive in less than two weeks.

In a statement to RSVP Live, they said, “The April cost of living payment is due to issue in the week commencing the 24th of April. This will be issued along with a customer’s main qualifying payment in this week,” reports The Mirror.

Back to school allowance of €260 and €385

Back-to-school payments are being made automatically to many families and will be paid in June 2023.

The government confirmed: “An additional €100 payment will also be paid this year in respect of each child for whom the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance is paid,” reports The Mirror.

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