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Pro Life Campaign holds annual conference in Dublin

Julia Holcomb, ex-girlfriend of rockstar Steven Tyler, addressed the annual conference of the Pro Life Campaign today, where she talked about her experience of post-abortion regret after aborting Tyler’s baby.

Roger Kiska, a lawyer with the Alliance Defending Freedom, spoke about the many cases he is working on towards the defence of human life and dignity.

Also at the conference were Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick OBE, who spoke about the risks of allowing euthanasia to become a mainstream response to the problems encountered by the lonely or ill in our society.

Other speakers included Pro Life Campaign spokespeople Caroline Simons, Cora Sherlock and Jenny O’Farrell. Organisers were delighted with the turnout to the event, which they said was a sure sign that there is huge support for the pro-life position in Ireland.

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