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Pro Life protesters hold multiple protests this weekend outside abortion providers

Image source: Dún Laoghaire Pro Life

Pro Life groups were out in force this weekend once again and say that they’re more determined than ever to continue their peaceful protests outside abortion clinics and providers and that they’re actually gaining support as time goes by.

Protests were held in Glasthule in Dublin and Balbriggan in north county Dublin with protesters telling The Liberal that received a considerable amount of support and will be holding more protests as the weather gets better.

Pro Life protester Seán O’Raghallaigh told The Liberal why they’re peacefully protesting:
“We stand with our placards to give witness and pray for
1) the unborn child who is being medically aborted;
2) for that child’s parents and grandparents, his or her siblings, aunts and uncles;
3) for the doctors (abortionists) engaged in this inhumane practice.”

Sean told The Liberal that standing outside Sheehan’s surgery enables people who pass the surgery become aware of what is happening in Glasthule.
“Many are shocked to know abortions are being carried out in their neighborhood. They become informed. We get support from many people who pass our way. We get the thumbs down from others.”

“We’re under no illusion. Our vigils will take time to have a definitive effect. The ‘other side’ are extremely annoyed because it reminds them of what they voted for in May 2018, a vote which many now regret. our vigils are peaceful, prayerful and in time will be powerful.”

Meanwhile more Pro Life protesters held a similar protest in Balbriggan.

Aoife Collins from Balbriggan told The Liberal:
“We are delighted with today’s response from the public. We are particularly grateful to the gentleman who bought us fresh donuts! People seem to now understand the true implications of the 2018 referendum. Lives are being ended in their own towns and villages.”
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