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Rats in a toilet: Man bitten by rodent in Co. Cork while sitting in his own toilet


A city-wide rodent alert has been issued for the Midleton area of Co. Cork, after a man’s buttocks was gnawed at by a rodent intruder. All citizens are advised to check their toilet area thoroughly for the presence of unwanted pests.

The man was reportedly using his own toilet facilities when he felt a stinging pain in his lower area. Upon checking the source of the discomfort, he witnessed a rat looking up at him from the bowl. The man sought immediate medical attention while the animal scurried away, presumably in the search for another victim.

A plumber later found a broken sewer pipe nearby the man’s property, and deemed it to be the likely insertion point for the rodent.

A local councillor has now asked for rat poison to be flushed down the sewer system, to eliminate all threats. He’s been advised that this may lead to contamination of other water sources, however, and furthermore, it falls within the remit of Irish Water to deal with vermin issues in the water system.

All citizens, whether they have paid their water bill or not, are now encouraged to contact the Irish Water call centre to report sightings of rats or other rodents around the household, particularly in the bathroom or septic tanks.

People in Midleton are also advised to keep toilet lids down when not in use and watch out for further attacks.

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