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🔵REVEALED: Six new refugee centres to open in Drogheda area in coming months

Image source: CNN for migrants

With zero local consultation the government plans to open seven new migrant centres in Drogheda as reported on the National Building Control and Market Surveillance Office website.

Cooperhill, Julianstown, Meath, 29 Stain Laurence Street, Drogheda, 14 Fair Street, Drogheda, Blackhall, Termonfeckin, Knockmount, Dublin Road, Drogheda, 23 Fair Street, Drogheda and Merchants Quay, Drogheda are scheduled to become new direct provision centres.

The influx of International Protection Applicants into the country continues with the government struggling to accommodate both these asylum seekers as well as Ukrainian refugees, who also continue to arrive in Ireland at roughly over 100 per-day to avail of the free housing and generous, unlimited social welfare.

This influx of people coincides with a new record number of homeless Irish people which stands over 13,000 while hundreds of thousands more languish on social housing lists or face an insurmountable task of getting on the private property ladder due to the ongoing housing bubble drastically over inflating the market price.

Ironically, at a time when the Irish government is marshalling an unprecedented effort to accommodate and provide services for a never ending wave of migrants, young Irish people are being forced to emigrate in huge numbers in the hope of making a life for themselves.

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