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Rural Ind Group calls on Govt to repay failed referenda cost

During Leaders Questions, the Tánaiste was questioned by the Rural Independent Group on whether the major political parties will cover the expenses of the recent Family and Care referendums, reports RTE.

“It’s beyond shocking that no time has been set aside to discuss the result of the recent referendum,” said Deputy Mattie McGrath, reports RTE.

According to him, the outcome of the referendum really represents the largest no vote ever in referendum history.

The Tipperary TD said, “On average, the Government parties and their legions of NGOs could only persuade 13% of voters.”

“These figures underscore the detachment of Ireland’s political establishment from the political realities facing people,” reports RTE.

Deputy McGrath stated that he was calling for enough Dáil time to discuss the issue.

“The house must reflect on the nationwide concerns … will you repay the €23 million to the taxpayers for the two referendums?” he asked, adding “no one requested them,” reports RTE.

Micheál Martin, the Tánaiste, declared that the people were above the Dáil.

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