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Rural TDs warn of legal pandemonium and urge voters to vote NO in upcoming referenda

Speaking from Leinster House today, Deputy Mattie McGrath, leader of the group, stated:

” The government’s rush to pass these referendums without proper scrutiny or debate is unacceptable. It demonstrates disrespect for the Constitution and the people, pushing confusing referendums before the electorate at a cost of over €20 million to taxpayers.”

“The first referendum’s vague extension of ‘family’ to include ‘other durable relationships’ leaves the term open
to various court interpretations. It lacks a clear benchmark or definition for a ‘durable relationship’, such as its duration or the necessity of cohabitation.”

“Right now, the law says you can’t remarry until your first marriage is officially ended by the courts. But if these referendums pass, people in ‘durable relationships’ will likely be able to end one relationship and start another on their terms. The confusion will come from multiple ‘family’ setups happening one after the other or at the same time, with no clear rules about when and how they start, exist, and end.”

“This ambiguity creates a legal minefield, potentially leading to contested estates and protracted legal battles
over will assets. This lack of clarity poses a significant threat to succession rights, particularly for family homes and farms. It will also likely result in other unexpected legal consequences, affecting taxation, inheritance rights, and even immigration
under broader legal definitions.”

“The second referendum aims to delete the state’s constitutional obligation to support mothers who choose to care for their children at home, replacing it with a vague provision that undermines the economic stability of mothers and families.”

“We urge citizens to vote ‘No’ on March 8th.
These amendments threaten our society’s fabric and could have dire consequences for taxation, inheritance right of family farms, and an immigration system already well beyond breaking point.”

“The lack of clarity surrounding ‘durable relationships,’ as well as the undermining of homemakers and the provision
of no additional support for carers are all valid reasons to reject these referendums. Additionally, the absence of any new enforceable rights for carers or people with disabilities in the proposed amendments is outrageous, underscoring the futility of these
costly referendums.”

“We urge voters to reject these amendments and protect the rights of families and individuals. Let’s maintain clarity and stability in our laws,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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