SCAM ALERT: Man posts car ad warning public of ‘Jaguar conman specialist’ based in Coolquay, Ashbourne, Co Meath – – Our News, Your Views

SCAM ALERT: Man posts car ad warning public of ‘Jaguar conman specialist’ based in Coolquay, Ashbourne, Co Meath

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People are being warned about a Scottish conman named Liam McCrimmon who pretends to be a mechanic operating in the above premise in Coolquay, Ashbourne, County Meath.

A man who claims his Jaguar car was completely destroyed by a so-called Jaguar specialist named Liam McCrimmon based in Coolquay, Ashbourne, Co Meath has posted an advertisement alerting the public to the horrendous damage occured to his car when Liam McCrimmon had it at his premises in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

McCrimmon takes cars in to fix them, declaring to be a Jaguar specialist. He usually takes in Jaguar or Rolls Royce cars but will take any car in to pretend to fix it.

Instead, the Scottish man who is aged around 60, about 5ft 10 and 18 stone in build with dark hair wearing a hi-vis jacket and hat, steals pieces off the cars he takes in and sells them on.

The man posted the ad online and said that extensive damage was caused to his car and for people to beware and to makes aware not to go to what he describes as “con man” Liam McCrimmon.

People are asked to share this online with their friends, through whatsapp and on internet car forums to make as many people aware of this Scottish conman named Liam McCrimmon operating in Coolquay, Ashbourne, Co Meath as possible.

Read the full text as it’s presented in the ad below and see the ad itself below. The man wants people to share this information with their friends:

“Please be careful of this man. His name is liam mccrimmon and hes a con man. He destroyed my jaguar. I’ve already had advertising up.and will continue to do so . My car went to him for only basic repairs. He had it months . Crashed the car wrecking all my wheels . Bodywork damage . Mechanic he is not . There’s faults on my car it never had before. People not trust him with any car. He’s based in Ashbourne. A huge amount of people have come forward with more horrible stories of him selling parts out of there car and even selling cars on people. I had to forcefully take my car back and it was in a terrible condition. I feel he’s sold parts of my car as the dash board is lights everywhere .abs. dpf. Turbo. Electric handbrake which he fit a different one but since changed as i had the first one marks . The car actually failed worse the second time on nct after he had it. Avoid”

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