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#1 Military action: European nations agree on the need for stronger military action against IS. The UK and France have agreed to form a broad coalition to combat the rising threat of the Islamic State. This extremist organization has so far made substantial gains in terms of ground and support across Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere, and has also infamously and publically executed several Western citizens. Australia has also offered military aid in terms of aircraft and war material, while the US have so far halted airstrikes.

#2 Pistorius: Oscar Pistorius is free to participate in international competitions again, if he so chooses. This is possible because, currently, the South African Olympic committee has no regulations preventing someone with a criminal record from representing the country. The athlete was charged last week with the manslaughter of his former girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day last year.

#3 Thailand murder: Two British tourists, a man and a woman, found dead on a beach near the
popular resort of Koh Tao. Local sources say that the pair were attacked with a hoe, which caused gruesome and fatal injuries to their bodies. The blood-stained murder weapon was found discarded nearby the crime scene. The male had previously been believed to be Irish. Local authorities are investigating.

#4 Gardai: 21-year-old fugitive in Limerick has been captured. Ger McCarthy, who escaped through a ground-floor window in a consultation room within Mayorstone Garda Station, Limerick, was re-captured the next day while hiding in the back garden of a house nearby. When taken into custody again, the man told escorting Gardai “I had to get away from ye”.

#5 Paisley: Lone piper leads Ian Paisley to his final resting place. After a private funeral, the former DUP leader was brought to the graveyard at Ballygowan Free Presbyterian Church, where he was buried. A lone piper and a handful of close family and friends accompanied him.

#6 Seagull menace: Fianna Fail Senator Ned O’Sullivan’s no-nonsense approach to the seagull invasion in the Dublin area continues unabated. He has now vowed to keep the issue concerning the threat of this flying menace in the Dail’s agenda and maintain public awareness. Though the Senator has taken a diehard atttitude on the seagull front, he claims he is not in favor of an outright cull. Yet.

#7 Pink apples: A new breed of odd looking apples, deemed “Surprize”, will go on sale in Tesco UK shortly. This unusual looking apple, sporting a pale orange and yellow skin and pink flesh, has been “developed” by apple expert William Barnett at a farm in Tillington, near Hereford in England. The transformation process remains a mystery. £1.75 for a 4-pack.

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