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#1 Shocking: Children’s surgeon had ‘difficulty putting on gowns and gloves.’

Dr. Mihai Anton, a Romanian physician who worked as Senior House Officer at Our Lady’s Hospital of Crumlin, faces 14 accusations of professional misconduct.

Anton was interviewed over the phone, and began working at the hospital in 2013. Colleagues reported that he was ‘unable to take notes’, ‘would take long breaks and go home early’, and that he contaminated another surgeon while in the theater by touching him with unclean hands.

Anton’s contract was terminated, and he now faces an inquiry into these allegations.

#2 Gilligan: Gardai on full alert as convicted drug dealer John Gilligan is expected to visit Ireland briefly to attend the funeral of one of his brothers.

There have been previous attempts on Gilligan’s life, so Gardai will be deployed in force to deal with any eventuality that may arise.

#3 Islamic State: Iraqi troops abandon key base in Anbar.

Local sources reported that an strategically important military base in the Anbar province was abandoned by Iraqi troops, after heavy fighting with IS forces.

Now under IS control, this base is an important control point for the local road network.

#4 Tragic: Teenage boy collapses and dies during soccer match in Galway.

15-year-old Hassan Taiwo had just scored a goal during the match when he fell ill. He collapsed and was rushed to hospital, but sadly died.

#5 Creche: A creche in North Dublin faces prosecution after allegations of mistreatment of children in their care.

The Links Creche and Montessori in Abington, Malahide, and its director Deirdre Kelly face court after a Prime Time special programme uncovered alleged instances of children mistreatment and other issues.

#6 Jobs: Audi Ireland to create 30 jobs in Limerick.

A new Audi dealer will open at the premises of Singland Motors on the Dublin Road, Limerick, on October 31.

Thirty jobs are expected to be created.

#7 NHS: Up to 400,000 NHS staff go on strike in the UK over a row about pay and conditions.

The protest centers around the Government’s decision not to award a 1pc pay rise.

Military staff has been drafted to cover gaps in ambulance coverage.









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