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#1 Mishap: Two Ryanair aircraft collide on the tarmac of Dublin airport.

The incident happened this morning, when two jets were taxiing towards the runway. While maneuvering, the winglet of one of the aircraft scraped the tail of another nearby jet.

Several emergency vehicles were dispatched as a precaution, though there were no injuries reported and the airport’s flight schedule was only marginally affected.

#2 Jobs initiative: New legislation being considered by the Government would force the unemployed to upload their CV to jobs websites, or face penalties.

The Government has launched its Pathways to Work 2015 today. The dossier contains a strong emphasis on measures to help the long-term and young unemployed back into work, according to official sources.

One of the measures being considered to stimulate employment is to force the unemployed to upload their CV to job sites, or else face cuts in their dole entitlements.

#3 Ebola: Three more people hospitalized in Madrid over Ebola infection fears.

Yesterday, a 40-year-old nurse who treated two Ebola patients became the first person to become infected outside the African continent.

Today, it has been reported that three more people who have been in close contact with the nurse have been hospitalized. These people are the nurse’s husband, another nurse, and a man who is thought to have recently returned from abroad. 50-plus other people are “under observation”.

Spanish medical authorities will today receive a letter from the European Commission “demanding” an explanation as to how the contagion took place.

#4 Islamic State: Fighting rages around the strategic city of Kobani

A day after the black IS flag was raised within the city of Kobani near the Turkish border, fresh coalition airstrikes pound IS positions from the air.

Fierce fighting raged around Kobani over the weekend. Kurdish fighters dug in the city managed to hold out against IS forces while being aided by coalition strikes, though IS did take several strategically important buildings in the southwest of Kobani from where to launch attacks on both sides of the city.

More than 400 people in both sides, and also civilians, were killed during the fighting.

If IS were to control Kobani, they would have open access into Turkey.

#5 Controversy: Irish Water ‘must work on how it handles its public relations’, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has said.

She was responding to comments from former junior minister Fergus O’Dowd, who has accused  the company of being “uncaring, arrogant” and also of “failing to sell the message to the public of why water charges are necessary.”

Minister Fitzgerald added: “I think it’s very important in any utility that you continue to develop the very best practice as far as customer relations are concerned and information to the public.

#6 Lighting strike: Eleven members of a remote indigenous tribe in Colombia’s Caribbean coast have been killed in a freak accident by a lighting strike.

The Wiwa tribe were gathered for a ritual ceremony when lighting struck in their midst.

At least 15 other tribe members were injured in the incident, most of them sustained second and third-degree burns.

#7 Mortgages: New plans drawn up by the Central Bank will mean that potential home buyers will have to come up with a deposit of at least 20pc of the value of the property before a mortgage is approved.

This would effectively mean that a 20pc deposit would be the “standard”.

While this measure will make it more difficult for first-time buyers to gain access to the property market, it is hoped that it will ensure “prudent lending” by the banks.

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