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#1 Irish Water: The Tanaiste Joan Burton questioned in the Dail today why most protesters against the installation of water meters in parts of Dublin have ‘expensive phones, tablets, and video cameras.’

Despite being interrupted several time during her speech from across the aisle, she added that ‘a core part of the protests seems to be to record every second of it.’

The Tanaiste’s comments come hot on the feels of fresh demonstrations in Dublin, this time in the Clare Hall state, just off the Malahide road.

About 20 Gardai attended the scene, with protesters later complaining of ‘heavy-handed’ tactics.

#2 Ebola: Doctors who treated nurse infected with deadly disease now admitted to hospital themselves.

Though they reportedly do not show any symptoms, two doctors have been brought in for observation, as a precautionary measure. This brings the total number of people under medical supervision to 6.

Meanwhile, two nurses remain in isolation inside the Carlos III hospital in Madrid, awaiting test results.

#3 Islamic State: Turkey’s foreign minister has said that his country ‘will not launch ground offensive against IS forces alone.’

It would be ‘unreasonable’, he said, for the rest of the world to expect that.

The comments are punctuated by the proximity of IS extremists to the Turkish border with Syria, in the town of Kobani.

#4 Swarm attack: One man dead and four injured after attack by massive bee swarm in Douglas, near Tucson, Arizona.

The dead man was reportedly stung over 100 times.

When an exterminator was called, he found a 3×8 foot hive nearby. He estimated the presence of about 800,000 bees.

#5 MH17: One of the victims of the doomed airliner was found wearing an oxygen mask, it has now emerged.

This previously unknown fact raises the possibility that a number of passengers may have survived the initial mid-air explosion and be aware that the aircraft was going down.

Flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine on July 17 last, all 298 onboard perished.

Heavy fighting was raging in Ukraine at the time, and it is believed that a surface-to-air missile destroyed the aircraft as it flew overhead.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the incident yet, with both pro-Russian separatists and Kiev members of the government pointing the finger at each other.

#6 Mortgage arrears: The number of mortgages in arrears has dropped by over 2,000, it has been reported.

About 38,000 mortgage restructurings were done over the month of August. This represents an increase of 5 percent in comparison to the previous month.

This information covers the six main banks only, AIB, Bank of Ireland, PTSB, ACC, KBC Ireland, and Ulster Bank.

#7 Lotto luck: Cork man collects €1m ticket from Lotto HQ.

He won the Daily Million on Tuesday Sept. 30 after purchasing a €3 euro ticket at a Centre shop in Curra, Cork.

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