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#1 Budget: Recent deal made in relation to Ireland’s repayments of outstanding IMF loans could deliver a significant cash windfall of about 600m for the Government ahead of the upcoming budget, it has been announced.

According to sources from the so-called “troika”, Ireland could save the cash thanks to the lower rates it can now borrow money at, giving this Budget a considerable boost towards the positive side.

#2 Coach fire: A coach bringing 40 children and teaching staff to the Ploughing Championship caught fire just after 7am this morning. One of the children noticed the smell of smoke coming out of the rear of the vehicle and alerted one of the teachers. The driver immediately stopped the bus and everyone was safely evacuated until emergency services arrived at the scene.

The coach was completely destroyed in the ensuing blaze. Gardai praised the quick-thinking of the driver and teaching staff in dealing with the evacuation.

#3 Political scandal: Taoiseach Enda Kenny rejected three women shortlisted for a vacant Seanad seat, installing a party activist instead.

The Taoiseach personally appointed failed local election candidate John McNulty to a State board three weeks ago and then selected him for the vacant Seanad position over said women in what appears to be a blatant act of cronyism.

The act has been deemed by some as “the greatest cynical stroke in politics in recent times”

#4 Gardai: Up to 282 cases of alleged Garda misconduct are being investigated by a department panel, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has revealed. Speaking in the Dáil  this morning, the minister explained that this figure was much higher than anticipated.

She pointed out, however, that despite this high number, many of the cases may be dismissed in the end, but where misconduct is found and proved, the case would be passed on to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman’s Commission (GSOC).

#5 Islamic State: Escaped student claims that children in Syria are being taken from their families to be trained as fighters for the extremist organization and also used as informants.

Former student Abu Abrahim Raqqawi, whose name has been changed, provided a chilling account of true life inside the IS-controlled city of Raqqa. He claims children are routinely and systematically put through IS indoctrination programs.

This week, an US-led coalition launched airstrikes on key IS-held positions in a bid to weaken the group’s logistical and financial infrastucture.

#6 Hit and run: 71-year-old cyclist hurt in hit and run in Cork. The incident took place at around 7:30pm on Tuesday evening. The driver of the car failed to stop at the scene.

It is understood that the cyclist’s injuries are not life threatening. Gardai are appealing for witnesses.

#7 Limerick: Luminous messages to be beamed across the city’s skyline. Artist Andrew Kearney has setup a large, white luminescent LED ring positioned two thirds up the height of the 52-metre chimney stack at the old Cleeve’s Condensed Milk Factory on O’Callaghan Strand in the city.

As darkness falls, the device will automatically switch on and project messages across the skies. Kearney said he has received messages from music bands, wedding anniversaries, marriage proposals, and many others.

The LED projector will remain broadcasting until at least the New Year.

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