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Shocking: 17 year old part of armed raid, which threatened to kill garda


It has been revealed in court today, that a 17 year old Dublin teenager took part in an armed robbery during which an off-duty garda was told he was going to be shot.

The Dublin children’s court was told that Garda Brendan O’Toole had a replica gun pointed at his head when he tackled raiders at a shop on Mountpleasant Avenue in Ranelagh, south Dublin, on May 22, this year.

It is said that Garda O’Toole had been on his way to work when he saw the raiders go into the shop. Mr O’Toole told the court, that the youth’s accomplice pointed a replica firearm at him and threatened to “blow my f***ing head off”. The garda decided to let go of the 17-year-old, who made good his escape, however, the court heard that Garda O’Toole recognised the youth.

It is understood that a shopkeeper, a man in his sixties, was held up in the attempted robbery by the two raiders. The court was told that Garda O’Toole tried to intervene as the youth had approached the till while his accomplice, who had the imitation gun, waited at the door.

The court was also told that Garda O’Toole had recognised the teenager, who had been the victim of a serious crime two years ago. Gardaí had handed over copies of CCTV evidence and prosecution statements to the defence and the boy’s solicitor Gareth Noble confirmed that his client was pleading guilty.

The unnamed 17 year old is facing charges for attempted robbery, resisting arrest and possessing a replica semi-automatic pistol contrary to the Firearms Act.

The DPP has strongly recommended that the teenager should be tried on indictment in the Circuit Court which has tougher sentencing powers. However, after hearing submissions from the defence, Judge John O’Connor had accepted jurisdiction for the case to be dealt with in the juvenile court.

Judge O’Connor said that a probation report had to obtained before the court can proceed to sentencing.

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