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Shocking – Convicted paedophile who rejected Gammy says “No parent wants a son with a disability”

The couple who have been accused of abandoning a baby boy born to their surrogate have denied the charge, saying instead that they wanted to have him aborted.

In a shocking admission, David Farnell said that he and his wife Wendy never intended to abandon the boy but they did want him aborted because “No parent wants a son with a disability”.

While complaining that they have become “the most hated couple in Australia”, David Farnell addressed the fact that he was convicted of child sex offences against girls as young as five in the past. According to him, the urges which led to those crimes “have 100% stopped” so it is entirely safe for him to look after Gammy’s twin sister Pipah, who was deemed good enough to be taken home by the Farnells.

In a strange twist, the Farnells now say that they want Gammy back but will only go to collect him when they are sure that Pipah won’t be taken off them. The Western Australian Department of Child Protection is now looking into the case to determine whether it really is safe to leave Pipah with a convicted paedophile.

Even leaving to one side the horrific discrimination against a baby with Down Syndrome, there are real issues with this case. Given that he has served three years in prison for child sex offences, should David Farnell be allowed to look after either Gammy or Pipah, or any vulnerable child for that matter?

Can a man who thinks a disabled baby is unwanted by any parent give Gammy and Pipah a truly happy home? And what about the feelings of the surrogate mother? How does she feel, knowing that the guardian of the babies she gave birth to is a convicted sex offender?

Let’s hope the Child Protection Services in Australia can come to a decision in the best interests of the people who really matter – Gammy and Pipah.

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