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SAVAGES: The images the world NEEDS to see, the true horror behind ISIS

Islamic State terrorists are continuing to carry out their promised killings of Christians in Mosul, and they have started with the children FIRST!

“Leave, convert to Islam, or DIE” – that’s their message, and these animals are enforcing it.

child This image was taken right before this beautiful baby was murdered.

ISIS uses these images to terrorize others and to glorify their spree of terror, however, has decided to expose these terrorists for what they truly are… animals.

We announced via our Facebook page that were going ahead with publishing uncensored images, many people supported our efforts while others suggested it was some sort of stunt to gain ‘likes’. I categorically DEFY anyone who says we’re writing this article as a PR stunt. We don’t need voyeuristic likes. We are making the Irish public aware of the threat that Jihadists hold over our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq.

The last time the world saw this type of brutality, a German man with a mustache used to raise his arm every day.


300,000 Christians are being persecuted every single day in Iraq by ISIS simply for the fact that they are Christians. In Ireland, the majority of people still are Christened, still make their First Holy Communion, Confirmation and celebrate getting married in a Church. These beautiful INNOCENT children are having their throats cut, shot and even – horrifically beheaded by this barbaric, disgusting militants.

Let me be clear, there are an infinite number of very decent, honourable, kind, loving and good Muslim people. They practice their faith like other religions do, but they condemn this type of horrific savagery as much as anyone.




The terrorists who have invaded Mosul and other ancient Christian communities in Syria and Iraq have recorded themselves on video capturing soldiers and murdering Christians.  This sadism is the closest manifestation of evil witnessed by the world since the Rape of Nanking during WWII.



This woman was held down by three ‘men’ (if you can call them that, I prefer cowards) and his her throat slit and her blood poured into a bowl, recorded to instill fear in the remaining Christians. Their only option is to flee for their lives or convert to Islam.



Just tragic image shows a distraught father picking up the remains of his little girl who was beheaded for being a Christian in a brutal attempt to frighten the Christian community into either converting, fleeing or having the same fate. Disgusting! How can anyone on this planet condone such evil acts? An INNOCENT CHILD murdered in the most horrific possible way.


The brave soldiers fighting these terrorists ended up being beheaded and their heads impaled on gates around the communities to try and instill fear into the Christians and Syrian solders.

The Syrian soldiers trying to fight ISIS are being slaughtered, some of whom have been decapitated and their heads impaled on railings around the city.

Finally, America is starting to focus its attention on Iraq again with ISIS in their viewpoint. Ireland is still considering a Christian country, this genocide could happen here just as quick if ISIS could manage to get a grip. We must stand firm with Middle Eastern counterparts and if the lacklustre Enda Kenny did one good thing in his tenure at all, it would be to phone The White House and ensure that Barrack Obama gives the resources, the food, the aid, the supplies and somehow the shelter to these 300,000 innocent people who so desperately want, need and deserve it.

This video shows up to 50 solders of Syria’s 417 Divcision who were beheaded after an ambush where Jihadists from the Islamic State group brutally murdered them and celebrated their victory. Some of ISIS’s own children can be seen running through the mass of dead bodies.

[youtube url=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

To date, the “achievements” of ISIS:

ISIS have issued threats, ultimatums, and carried out executions of “infidels” to Islam

ISIS are attempting to drive Christians and other religious minorities out of Iraq completely, in preparation for the inception of a hardline Islamic state

ISIS are doggedly pursuing Christians refugees to ensure their extermination

Great swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria have been occupied and “cleansed”. Also, several key facilities (Mosul hydroelectric dam, for instance, the largest in Iraq) have been seized by militants. This enables ISIS to control electric supply to large areas of the country. The taking of territory complies with Sun Tzu’s doctrine of capture territory (as opposed to focusing on elimitating troops) and defend strategic positions.

ISIS have looted 500 billion Iraq dinars from Mosul banks to fund their war effots. That’s about $425 million. 

Saudi Arabia is making considerable efforts to keep ISIS from controlling the oil-rich Deir Ezour and the Bu Kamal areas in Syria. If ISIS are successful in taking these areas, it might prove a devastating blow.


In Sydney, Australia, Jihadist Khaled Sharrouf’s son — a child, 7, raised in the suburbs of Sydney — struggles with both arms to hold up the decapitated head of a slain Syrian soldier.


These people have nowhere to go. They’re carrying what they can in and effort to purely stay alive. They are Christians, they’re being persecuted for their beliefs, nothing more, nothing less. They are innocent people. Their babies are being horrifically murdered FIRST. They can convert, flee or be murdered. With that picture emerging over the weekend of the Jihadist’s child in Syndey, the time is NOW, the Western world must take a stand against ISIS before the Western world is fighting ISIS itself.

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