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Sickening: Jihadists carry out attack on US military base in Somalia

Image source: Fox

A US military base in Somalia has been attacked and the Islamist terrorist group ‘Al Shaabab’ has claimed responsibility.

In a statement the group said

“After breaching the perimeters of the heavily fortified base, the mujahideen [holy warriors] stormed the military complex, engaging the crusaders in an intense firefight.”

US military officials said that the attacking Jihadis had been repulsed but has not yet commented on casualties.

The base, which is around 100 kilometers south of the Somali capital Mogadishu, is used by the US military train commandos belonging to the Somali government to battle terrorist groups and criminal networks active in the region.

Since US President Donald Trump took office the US military have stepped up attacks from their air and on the ground via special forces and third parties against Al Shaabab, which is an Al Qaeda affiliate.

This attack marks a change in strategy for the group which usually limits itself to attacking soft targets such as a civilian shopping centers and tourist hot spots.

The group still remains in control of large swathes of Somalia and regularly carries out terrorist atrocities in country and occasionally across the border in its southern neighbor Kenya.

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