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Small and medium sized businesses to get one-off payment in Budget 2024

Small and medium-sized businesses will receive a one-off payment before Christmas to help them cope with rising costs, reports RTE.

The measure will be announced in the budget and will not apply to multinational companies.

The exact amount is yet to be determined, but it will depend on the size of the company.

The meeting is going on today to finalize the current year’s budget.

The leaders of the three parties will meet later tomorrow to sign off on most of the measures, but some details are not expected to be agreed until Monday, reports RTE.

Tuesday’s announcement will focus on changes to personal tax cuts, income tax thresholds and relief, as well as USC tax cuts.

Two energy credits are expected to be paid by Christmas, but they could be lower than the €200 support agreed last year.

Basic welfare rates are expected to rise by ten to twelve euros a week.

More one-off payments will be made by Christmas, but they will be smaller than last year.

Tackling child poverty will also be part of the budget, which is expected to include a childcare package, more free textbooks and extra child benefit support.

This evening, Minister for Finance Michael McGrath said” “I do believe that is about to change” and that “it [the Budget] is not about the never never, it’s about people today”, reports RTE.

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