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Some social welfare parents in line for two more €100 lump sum payments in new benefits boost

Parents and carers across Ireland will benefit from a range of changes announced by the government to help with the cost of living crisis.

With the cost of almost everything apparently rising, a new relief package was announced last month to help struggling families.

Beneficiaries include parents and guardians who, if eligible, can request two separate one-off payments of €100 per child.

Parents and guardians receiving Child Benefit in Ireland will receive a €100 incentive per child in June.

An additional payment of €100 per child will also be given as part of the Back to School Allowance for summer clothing and shoes.

benefits for children

In June, parents in Ireland will receive an increase of €100 per child provided the parent or guardian receives Child Benefit payments.

Child Benefit is a monthly payment paid to parents or guardians of children under the age of 16. It can also be paid for children aged 16 to 17 if they are in full-time education or training or are disabled and cannot support themselves.

– the birth of your child or
– The month the child became a member of your family or
– the month your family came to live in Ireland or
– you started working in Ireland if your children live in another EU country

Back-to-school allowance

There will also be an additional payment of €100 for each child this year as part of the back-to-school clothing and shoes allowance.

– aged four to 17 on 30 September – the year you apply for the BSCFA
– aged 18-22 and returning to full-time second level education at an accredited school or university in the autumn of the year of applying for the BSCFA

The Back to School Allowance program will open in June 2023 and the application deadline is 30 September 2023.

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