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Speed camera van staff to go on strike demanding higher pay

They’re the reason you get flashed by people coming towards you, the country nod of respect to their fellow motorists not to get a fine for being a few klms over the speed limit.

Now, the staff at GoSafe are going to undertake a 24 hour stoppage following a dispute over pay and conditions and are demanding more pay.

It is understood that some 35 staff members who work at the company will undertake the stoppage on September 28th after a dispute has arisen over pay and working conditions.

Union representatives of GoSafe staff say they have been left with no option but to undertake strike action as management have failed to address health and safety concerns raised by staff.

Staff working at the company say they are working in unrealistic conditions which include lengthy shifts and the lack of toilet facilities.

It’s not yet known what agreement can be made but reps say that there is no end in sight.

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