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Strange: Goat born with human face


(*** Warning graphic images***)

In a rather bizarre incident in Argentina which has left a farmer to deal with some ugly rumours, when a goat of his has given birth to calf with a human face.

It is thought the calf with a human face was sadly already  dead when it was born. To their disbelief the shocked farmer and his family claim that the calf would bring them bad luck, and rushed to bury the animal – that was already dead when it was born. However one of the farmer’s neighbours snapped pics of the goat to highlight the excessive use of pesticides in the region of Centro, Argentina.


Although supersticious locals have decided it was something else altogether, and started spreading rumours that someone connected to the family had been having sexual relations with the goat, producing the mutated offspring. The shocked farmer’s wife Olga Villalba has now been forced into furious denials saying that neither her family or friends had interfered with the goat in any way.


Rumours amongst the locals has claimed that someone had sex with a goat to produce the mutation. Although Mrs Villalba has strongly denied the claims  telling repoters: “It was clearly a genetic mutation caused by the excessive use of pesticides”. “It was dead when it was born, we just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we buried it in a hole in the ground. “It was clearly a genetic mutation caused by the excessive use of pesticides. She went onto say: “Another neighbour who was here and was curious took a picture which they unfortunately posted online sparking these ridiculous allegations.”

The family also added they had been bombarded with extremely hurtful messages on social media from people convinced that it was only through a cross between human and goat that the images could have been taken.

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