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Sugar Babies ready to do business…and business is good


The so-called ‘Sugar Babies’, that is, females who date older men in exchange of sex, cash, and expensive stuff, is a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland, though it’s been known to exist in other European countries for a long time.

These young females offer their company to wealthy men twice their age, or even older, so they can get what ‘normal guys’ cannot provide, usually luxury goods, foreign travel, or cash allowances.

A website dedicated to such purpose,, has seen a 14% increase in its business from Ireland since 2014. The website ‘matches’ females with wealthy males.

Two Sugar Babies have recently, and publicly opened up about their experiences with their Sugar Daddies. One of them said that she sees the arrangement as a ‘job that is practical,’ while the other says that “He’s giving me €500 a month. Once a month we go for dinner and drinks and spend the night together. If I need to go on holiday with the girls he will give me that as well.”

According to, more than 23,000 Irish females have signed up to the service.

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