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Syrian Airstrikes: RAF Tornado jets carry out first bombing



UK fighter jets carried out their first air strike on Syria hours after MPs voted in favour of bombing Islamic State militants.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed six Typhoons and two Tornados have been sent to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to help with operations. Four Tornados were originally deployed from the airbase in Cyprus for the first wave of bombings which targeted the IS-controlled Omar oil fields.

The bombings were “successful” as confirmed by the British Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon.

“The mainstay of Daesh’s (IS) financial income is derived from exploitation of a number of oilfields that they hold.

“These are overwhelmingly located in Daesh’s heartlands in eastern Syria.

“Several of these oilfields have already been effectively targeted by other coalition partners; RAF aircraft and precision weaponry are well suited to attacking, with low collateral risk, this type of target.” The Ministry for Defence stated.

“Before our aircrew conducted their attacks, as is normal they used the aircraft’s advanced sensors to confirm that no civilians were in the proximity of the targets, who might be placed at risk.”

MPs overwhelmingly backed UK military action against IS – also known as Daesh – in Syria, by 397 votes to 223, after a 10-hour Commons debate on Wednesday.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was openly opposed to taking action in Syria and had argued the case for war “does not stack up”- but senior Labour figures, including 11 members of his shadow cabinet were among those who voted with the government after they were given a free vote. Corbyn took to social media to express his regret at the decision reached by David Cameron and the government.


Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, who was applauded by MPs for a speech in support of striking IS militants, said: “All of our thoughts today are with the brave men and women of the Royal Air Force and we pray for their safe return.”

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