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Taking the pi*s! Water plant worker gets caught on CCTV urinating into drinking supply

A man has been fired from his job and is facing a criminal investigation after he was seen urinating in a city drinking water supply, reports Metro.

Before breaking free, Michael Mastin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana noticed a CCTV camera pointed at him, so he went to replace it.

But the 57-year-old couldn’t move it enough and was filmed urinating for a minute and a half at the facility in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

He went to his office briefly before returning to turn the camera back on, reports Metro.

Reacting to the news, Dustin Cloutray joked: “I’m going to Mexico this weekend. Am I not supposed to drink the water there or is that Donaldsonville they were talking about?” reports Metro.

Terence Johnson, resident said: “Donaldsonville been drinking piss brushing ur teeth with piss wonder why the water burnt my eyes when I shower (lawsuit) !!!! An I don’t want no 3 months free,” reports Metro.

Jay Michaels responded to the article: “Well this is pleasant,” reports Metro.

District officials wanted to point out that despite Mastin’s alleged actions, the city’s water supply was potable.

Ascension Parish President Clint Coinement said, “At no time was the public in danger. All water samples taken to date are in good standing and meet all safe water drinking requirements,” reports Metro.

Sheriff’s spokesman Donovan Jackson said Mastin faces two charges on each count because the video shows him urinating in the bathtub on two occasions.

He confirmed that the officials do not know if there have been any incidents so far because the video archive of the water plant only dates back 30 days.

In June 2022, the authorities in Vigo, Spain passed a strict law prohibiting anyone from infiltrating the ocean.

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