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Tech worker found guilty of murdering British couple with fentanyl

Image source: RTE

An IT professional from the UK was found guilty of killing a married couple by poisoning them with fentanyl and then altering their will to add him as a director to their shower mat business, reports RTE.

Before killing Stephen and Carol Baxter, Luke D’Wit, 34, staged a number of false internet personas to influence them. He was friends with and worked for them.

Among them were a Florida physician and participants in a fictitious Hashimoto’s thyroid problem support group, which was Mrs. Baxter’s ailment.

On Easter Sunday of last year, Ellie, the couple’s daughter, discovered her mother, 64, and father, 61, dead in their West Mersea, Essex, home, reports RTE.

Soon after arriving, D’Wit, a resident of West Mersea, introduced himself to a 999 call operator as a “friend” before coolly providing a bogus tale.

The day after the Baxters were discovered dead, according to the prosecution, he made a fictitious will on his phone, appointing himself as a director of their shower mat business, Cazsplash.

Prosecutors said that a second fictitious identity—that of a solicitor—was employed in conjunction with the new will.

D’Wit killed Mr. and Mrs. Baxter “calmly, coolly and in a way which had been entirely planned, maybe for some while,” according to Tracy Ayling KC, who made the closing statement for the prosecution, reports RTE.

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